Welcome to the Parkhill Residents Website


The aim of this website is to allow all the residents to have their say about the village in which we live.  As well as getting the latest news about issues concerning Parkhill, we are also wanting your ideas about what content to add to the website.

We will reguarly run surveys to help us understand your feelings on  a subject. See the survey on the right to help us gauge if this website is  good idea.

The long term aim of this website is to involve you in creating the content of the site.  Here are a few ideas you may like to see on the website:

  • A page to keep you informed of issues and decisions that effect Parkhill
  • A page to let you know when and where the Residents Association meetings are being held
  • Fun pages e.g. Parkhill Photo Competition - Your pictures could appear on this website 
  • Recommended places to visit for a day out
  • Contact information pages for Medical & Council services

As the website develops we aim to add discussion forums, surveys and polls to the website but the most important thing is for you to have your say. So let us know what you want to see on this site.


Cool Help Wanted !!!Tongue Out


Young person wanted to help edit the Parkhill Newsletter and the Newsletter page on this website.

No experience necessary.


Let us know!





Do you know somebody who is going to have a milestone celebration, maybe an 18th Birthday or a special Anniversary let us know we can put it on the website to let everyone know and help make the celebration really special.


Does someone in Parkhill have an interesting story or does someone deserve a huge thank you? We are looking for community stories for our celebration page.


Do you think it is a good idea for Parkhill Residents to have their own website?

I'm not sure

Parkhill News


It's now official. Parkhill has it's very own website up and running. We are now on the internet webby thing!

Photo Contest

We are looking for some great photos of Parkhill and surrounding area that we can add to the website to show what a great place it is. 

If you are a budding photographer or if you have got a favourite picture of the Parkhill area you would like to share, even a vintage picture, you can enter this contest.

What's the prize I hear you ask. The prize is having your photo on this website. We are looking for loads of pictures to display on the site. If there are enough entries we will add a gallery page to the website showing all the wonderful pictures of where we live.

To enter send an email with your details to the webmaster@parkhillresidents.org - you can attach your photos to the email or if it is an old photo we will try to get your picture scanned so we can use it on the website.

Please note - your picture may have to be edited to fit some areas of the website, but it will be displayed in full if we display it on a gallery page.